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OuiOui 위위 "겨울 지나 겨울”

누구보다 따듯했던 나의 봄.
녹지 못한 시간 속에 혼자 남아
또 다시 꽃 피울 수 있을까?


Executive produced by (주) 인플래닛
Song produced by Meijee, Blueny, CRDL
Lyrics by Meijee
Composed by Meijee, CRDL
Arranged by CRDL
Vocals by Blueny
Chorus by Blueny
Keyboard, Bass and Drum by CRDL
Recorded by Meijee, Blueny at Inplanet Studio
Mixed and Mastered by CRDL at Inplanet Studio
A&R Director 염정봉
A&R 강연정
Art directing by 강연정
Photography by yonzon, Josee Cho
Video by yonzon, Josee Cho
Publishing/Distribution management by 박배건



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