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  1. 2021/06/23 bobae, 새 싱글 “baby i miss” 발표
bobae, 새 싱글 “baby i miss” 발표
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bobae “baby i miss”

1. (노렸던 것을) 놓치다, 빗맞히다, 못 맞히다, (목적·위치·표준·욕망에) 못 미치다; …에 닿지[이르지] 못하다
2. (탈것을) 놓치다, (사람을) 만나지 못하다, 듣지[보지] 못하다, 이해하지 못하다, (약속·의무 등을) 지키지 못하다
3. 과녁에서 빗나가다, 실패하다


Executive produced by (주) 인플래닛
Song produced, written, composed and arranged by bobae
Main vocal by bobae
Background vocal by bobae
Guitar by bobae
Bass by bobae
Recorded by bobae
Mixed by bobae, Jay Cry at Inplanet Studio
Mastered by Jay Cry at Inplanet Studio
A&R Director 염정봉
A&R 강연정
Photograph by The 90s kiz
Music Video by The 90s kiz, 윤주영
Illustration by 윤주영
Promotion by 조성현
Publishing/Distribution management by 박배건
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